The Parkinson’s Training Center

JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center

JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center is a fully equipped Parkinson’s training gym and Parkinson’s boxing center in Overland Park, Kansas.

We offer various forms of exercise for the Parkinson’s community.  Our training facility is open 24 hours.

Research shows that physical and cognitive exercise is medicine for Parkinson’s and needs to be “taken” continuously.  Clients enter into our programs for the benefits of continual training and  not the “start and stop” pattern that may be typical of therapy.

Our physical and cognitive exercise classes can be taken as part of a small group or on an individual private basis.

Classes and personal training sessions for PD are designed to:

get you moving and keep you moving.

JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center is conveniently located just seconds from the highway at 435 and Roe. We have parking right outside the front door with direct access from the street to the gym.